Opportunity from University Professor from Trinity College Dublin for Parents/Carers to Confidentially Have Your Voice Heard

Flyer for Opportunity to take part in study - text is written in the body text of the blog below the image. Image shows photos of a mum and boy child touching noses, Dr Susan Flynn and the logo for Trinity College Dublin.

Are you a parent of a child or children with Disabilities who has been involved with child protection services? Perhaps you have had your parenting abilities questioned by professionals?

If so, would you like to take part in a study where your opinions, views and experiences are gathered and where your identity is protected? 

If you take part in this study, you will be interviewed for between 45 and 60 minutes and this will happen online at a time that suits you. 

Dr Susan Flynn is a University Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin and you can contact her confidentially at sflynn7@tcd.ie or by phone to  +353863250613 if you are  interested in participating. Thank you. 

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