Opportunity to become Shelter’s new Women’s Peer Research Volunteer!

Shelter Become A Women's Peer Research Volunteer Flyer.

Shelter Bristol are recruiting for a new Women’s Peer Research Volunteer and have asked us at the Forum to promote the role.

You would conduct research into the issues women and families are experiencing when it comes to bad housing and homelessness.  The role would also involve you conducting research into the barriers that are preventing women from accessing the advice and support they need.

The role would take up seven hours a week for four months but can be fitted around your schedule. The job is home based and in the Bristol hub (in line with government guidelines).

To find out more about the role and to apply, go to: https://app.betterimpact.com/PublicOrganization/336399b8-c9ea-486f-9373-a6ae5212eb0e/Gvi/9c8ab3b5-86bd-471b-8587-3f4ba06138a7/1

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