Paid Opportunity: Become a Support Worker with the People’s Voice Team from Bristol City Council

It is important for all Disabled people to have a voice.  But sometimes people get left out because they cannot understand what is going on.

Bristol City Council wants everyone to have a voice.  But there is no ‘People First’ group in Bristol right now.

The People’s Voice Team will find out what kind of group people want.  They will help to make it happen.

The People’s Voice Team are recruiting project workers who will be people with a learning difficulty.

The job is at least till 31 December 2022.

You will be paid £15 per hour. That is £180 each week.

You will work 12 hours each week.

Three hours of that will be on one day each week, with the rest of the team.  Then you will have time to work with one or more of the team at separate times, and time to do your own preparation.

The job is based in Bristol. You will be working at St Paul’s Learning Centre.

Your job is to support the people with learning difficulties in the team.

To find out more about the job of research support worker in the People’s Voice Team and to apply, you can read more in the Easy Read PDF below. Please fill in the form and return it to – either in the PDF or Microsoft Word version which is attached below the PDF.

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