Participants Wanted for a Disability Arts Project from MAYK!

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We’ve been asked by Riddell Erridge, a producing assistant at MAYK, to promote an opportunity for Disabled people to get involved with an upcoming Disability arts project happening in Bristol in May.

The project is called A Crash Course in Cloudspotting by the artist Raquel Meseguer Zafe. Raquel’s work creates theatrical encounters that explore the lived experience of Hidden Disability. Her work also claims rest + horizontality as sites for story telling and spectatorship. 

Raquel’s project invites people with chronic pain and other Hidden Disabilities, who need to rest throughout, to share a story and use our App to communicate their rest with our audience during shows at the end of May (anonymously). 

When participants press ‘start resting’ on our App, it triggers a unique sound loop. Together, these sound loops create the sonic landscape we invite our audience to rest within. This sonic landscape illuminates our collective rest, and in doing so illuminated the hidden worlds of Neurodiverse communities. 

We’re contacting you as we want to connect with people who live or work in the South West area, who might be interested in participating.

For more information & how to get in touch with Raquel, please visit her website here:

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