Shaping Our Lives: Independent Living Survey

Independent Living Survey 

An organisation called Shaping Our Lives has been given some money to do research.  The research is to find out what longer term impacts Covid 19 emergency policies and lockdown have had on d/Deaf and Disabled people’s ability to make the most of their independent living.   For example, some people have said that they have lost their confidence in getting out and about and everyday living has become more difficult.  Others might feel very differently.   

The researchers want to find out about Disabled people from more than just one Disabled people’s organisation so would be very grateful if you could help them by answering a short survey. This survey is only for d/Deaf and Disabled people.

You will not be asked to give your name and all answers will be kept anonymous.  What you and other people tell them will then be used to tell people in national and local government the support d/Deaf and Disabled people need to get back to living independently, feeling safe and confident.
To complete the survey you can either:
1. Use this link to complete your answers online.

2. Send an email to: they can send a Word version of the survey for you to complete.

3. Call Becki on 07956 424511 and do the survey over the telephone or by Zoom.
The survey will take about 20 minutes.  There is no involvement payment offered for completing this survey.  If you have been interviewed for this research you do not need to complete the survey.

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