Should there be an app for young people who hear voices? From Hearing the Voice

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Back in 2018, Hearing the Voice (HtV) launched a new website, Understanding Voices (UV), to help support people who hear voices and their loved ones.

They have questions … lots of questions!  How could an app help young people who hear voices?  What might it do that would be useful?  What would make it off-putting?  They know there are lots of mental health apps out there that just sit on the digital shelf or are downloaded and then hardly ever used.

Would the app have information and coping strategies? A peer support forum?  A diary?  Or people’s stories?  How should it look and feel to use?

If you’re aged 16–25 with personal experience of hearing voices, they’d love to hear what you think.  They’d like to hear from people who are interested in using digital technology to help them cope with their voices, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like using apps for mental health purposes, they’re also keen to understand more about why. If you’d like to take part in this consultation, you can choose to complete an anonymous survey and/or sign up for one of their online focus groups.

Click here to take part in the anonymous survey or focus groups

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