Staying Safe In Dangerous Weather

Our climate steering group have been talking to the Avon Resilience Forum who work with people like the police and fire department to keep people in Bristol safe when dangerous weather and events happen. Climate change is making this kind of weather happen more often and Disabled people are one of the groups most at risk when these things happen so it’s very important we’re ready.

Information to help you stay safe

Sign up with people who provide your water and electricity as a priority service user

Priority service use means that you belong to a group who needs things like energy or water more than others. Doing this will help put you on lists of known Disabled people so that people like fire people know that you will need help first in disasters.

  1. Bristol Water: Priority Services (
  2. Wessex Water: Priority Services | Wessex Water
  3. Western Power Distribution: Western Power Distribution – Priority services
  4. British Gas: Priority Services Register – British Gas Uk)

British Red Cross:

These sites help you know how to be ready for when difficult weather hits.

  1. The Emergency Preparedness App: Free emergency apps | British Red Cross
  2. How to make an emergency kit bag: Your emergency kit | British Red Cross

Warnings and how to stay safe:

  1. This is a link for the weather warnings that gives warnings about coming heatwaves, lots of rain and flooding: UK weather warnings – Met Office
  2. How to stay safe during the heatwave: Hot weather and its impacts – Met Office
  3. Information and advice on flooding, thunder, storms and power cuts: WeatherReady – Met Office
  4. For information on power cuts visit: 

Your nearest Place of Safety

Places of Safety are where people can go to be safe in dangerous weather. We are working to make sure they can provide for as many accessibility needs as possible.

  1. This is a map to all the council’s places of safety for leaving the house because of diasters: Bristol – Pinpoint local information

National Alert System

Emergency alerts will be sent to mobile phones in the area if there is a danger to life nearby. More information here: Emergency Alerts – GOV.UK (

Have your voice heard

We are continue to work with the Avon Resilience Forum and if you would like to be involved please email:

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