StopSIM Coalition Petition

#StopSIM – Halt the rollout and delivery of SIM and conduct an independent review”

This petition was started by the StopSIM Coalition.  They are a group of mental health service users, survivors and allies calling on NHS England to halt the development and rollout of ‘Serenity Integrated Mentoring’ (SIM), created by the ‘High Intensity Network’ (HIN), with immediate effect, and to conduct an independent review.

They believe that SIM is an unacceptable step backwards in disability justice and has the effect of criminalising mental distress/illness. We share their concerns and ask you to sign this petition, calling on NHS England to:

  1. Halt the rollout and delivery of SIM with immediate effect, as well as interventions operating under a different name, which are associated with the High Intensity Network (HIN).
  2. Conduct an independent review and evaluation of SIM in regards to its evidence base, safety, legality, ethics, governance and acceptability to service users.”

Read the information accompanying the petition and sign it by clicking here.

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