UWE Bristol are conducting a survey wheelchair users experience of Bristol’s Public Transport

Thank you for your interest in this survey!   
Please read through the below before commencing the survey:  

What is this study about?   
Many disabled people rely upon and frequently use public transport. However, many disabled people also experience a number of difficulties or barriers in accessing public transport.  Focusing on wheelchair users, in particular, this study aims to identify and understand the barriers currently faced by this specific group in accessing public transport in Bristol and the surrounding area. This study will also delve into the solutions that could be or have been put in place to mitigate against the barriers faced by wheelchair users in accessing public transport.   

How will the information that I provide be stored?
Participant data will be anonymised and untraceable to you through the use of pseudonyms. All data collected will be stored on a password-protected computer, for which only I will have access to. 

Am I eligible to take part?
You are able to take part in this study if you are a wheelchair user who lives in Bristol and the surrounding area of South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset.    

How long will the survey take?   
Depending on your answers, the survey will take around 10-15 mins.   

Have any questions or concerns?  
Please contact: Samuel Cornelius-Light (samuel2.cornelius-light@live.uwe.ac.uk)

 *Due to the use of survey logic, question numbers and sections may not follow sequentially as you proceed through the survey*

Click the link below to take the survey:


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